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I’d love to introduce you to a new friend and fellow blogger that I have recently connected with. She’s got the girl next door lovable vibe with supermodel Gisselle Bundchen looks, and it’s not at all surprising since this Brazilian bombshell is (you guessed it!) also from Brazil! Meet fashion and beauty blogger Karina Reske from She is a mama to three beautiful children and is married to the love of her life. Oh, and her Brazilian accent is to die for!! Talking to her is like talking to a long time friend you just want to put in your pocket because their so sweet and adorable!! Karina has inspired me tremendously with her vivacious and larger than life personality! Her beauty radiates from the inside out, and her impeccable fashion sense and flawless beauty tips keep you engaged every time! Her mission is to entice women to have fun with their style and learn a few beauty tricks along the way! I love her sense of humor and how her energy really shines through in her writing. She is definitely a force to be reckoned with. It’s so great to see God opening up so many wonderful opportunities for her, and she has a loyal following on Instagram with big companies seeking her out to promote them. How cool is that?! And get this, she just became a teacher assistant so now we have motherhood, wifehood, teacherhood (yes that’s a real word), our faith in Jesus, our passion for fashion and all things beauty, and blogging life in common. Funny how God orchestrates our lives and places people in our paths at the perfect time for reasons or seasons. Ladies, This mama is one to follow. I wanted to feature her for my new category on the blog called: Inspiring Women. These will be women that truly inspire and stand out to me because of their internal and external beauty, heart, passion, love, joy, faith, courage, dignity, and strength. I have linked one of her latest blog posts down below called Instagram Round Up + Yet Another Life Update so you can follow this gem and get to know her and love her like I do…Cheers to your inspirational heart and vibrant spirit Karina! Skies the limit to you my friend!


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For a while now I’ve been trying to have a good work/life balance. Ever since kiddos went back to school (about a month ago) they have been getting busier and busier with sports, and school engagements of all sorts. Meanwhile, as some of you know I work retail hours, I was feeling more and more miserable for not being there for their practices and games, school meet-ups, band performances, etc (hello retail nights and weekends) and Brian on the other hand was about to lose his mind turning into 5 people not only to provide for our family but become the driver for all of the kids activities. That being said, I’ve been praying for the right opportunity for months. For me to leave my job it had to be for the perfect match, for real!

One afternoon I received a text from the kids school showing some job openings – mind you both Brian and I have talked about how great it would be to work at the school in the past- but since I don’t have a background in education that thought was never really pursued….until that text! Long story short I started with an email, followed by a casual interview, and another one, and the gathering of lots of documents to getting an offer and accepting the position needless to say the fam is thrilled and so am I.

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to learn all about Karina and the wonderful things going on in her life all the while exploring a world of beauty and fashion inspiration!!

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